The Green Fields of America

FEATURING: Islander’s Lament.

The Green Fields of America is the title of a very old Irish traditional reel, as well as that of one of the most eloquent songs of Irish emigration. It is also the name of a famous Irish American group of traditional musicians, singers and dancers, which has toured the United States on several occasions sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Formed in 1978 by musician and musicologist Mick Moloney, The Green Fields of America was the first group on either side of the Atlantic to bring together Irish vocal, insturmental and dance traditions on the concert and festival stage. Sponsored by the Natinoal Endowment for the Arts a record five times, the group has performed in a variety of leading venues including Carnegie Hall, Wolf Trap, The Smithsonian Institution, The FEstival of American Folklife, MIlwaukee Irish Fest and the National Folk Festival, and was also featured on the soundtrack of PBS’ Out of Ireland as well as on the Amerian Public Television production Absolutely Irish.

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Track List:

  1. Jackie Riordan’s/Money in Both Pockets/The Dungannon Reel (Reels)
  2. The Rambling Irishman (song)
  3. Jim O’Keefe’s/The Clog/The Star Above the Garter/The Hare in the Corn (slides)
  4. The Islander’s Lament (song)
  5. Fahey’s #25/Molly on the Shore/Bonnie Anne (reels)
  6. Across the Western Ocean (song)
  7. The Glendy Burke (song)
  8. Planxty Miss Maxwell
  9. Down by the Tanyard Side (song)
  10. The Bonny Irish Boy (song)
  11. The New Irish Barn Dance/Paddy McGinty’s Goat (barn dances)
  12. In the Woods of Old Limerick/Felix the Cat/The Music Teacher (jigs/slip jigs)
  13. The Catalpa (song)
  14. Billy in the Lowland/Belle of Lexington/Waynesboro (old time tunes)

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