Watch the Tide: Marie Duprey

Marie Duprey is a vocalist with a singularly beautiful voice. Her rich alto rings clear and carries through traditional and contemporary settings with ease. On her debut CD, Watch the Tide, Marie’s voice is highlighted and supported by accomplished musicians such as Brooks Williams, John Kirk, Shannon Heaton, and Robbie O’Connell. Singer-songwriter, Robbie O’Connell also produced the CD. Lending his fine musical ear, and deft hand to the overall feel of this recording. The end result of their combined efforts and talents is a debut album of fine musicianship, beautifully nuanced harmonies and high production values.

The CD includes “Crazy Pine Farm”, a bittersweet snapshot of life on a failing New England dairy farm, written by Michael Ross; “Watch the Tide”, an original penned by Marie and Michael, with a distinctly traditional feel, which conjures the seaside in a haunting lament; Free Little Bird, an up-tempo traditional number, given a wonderful spin by the guitar virtuoso, Brooks Williams; “One Day I Walk”, Marie’s interpretation of a simple and stunning song by Bruce Cockburn; and other originals, traditional and contemporary songs of equally fine range and depth. The project comes together in a journey through a profound and beautiful landscape, exploring personal connections and the human condition with clarity and grace.

CD ONLY – $17.50
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Track List:

  1. Crazy Pine Farm
  2. Watch the Tide
  3. Free Little Bird
  4. Mama’s Love
  5. One Day I Walk
  6. Fisherman’s Waltz
  7. Sleepy-Eyed Boy
  8. Sly Old Crow
  9. Syracuse
  10. The Wood Thrush’s Song
  11. Wild Rose of the Mountain
  12. The Goodnight Song

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