Irish Ballads & Songs of the Sea: Dan Milner & Friends

This is a collection of songs from the days of the tall ships by a variety of traditional singers including Louis Killen, Mick Moloney, Dan Milner, Bob Conroy, and others.

CD ONLY – $17.50
includes Shipping & Handling

Track List:

  1. Paddy West
  2. The Banks of Newfoundland
  3. Billy O’Shea
  4. The Loss of the Ship Jane Maria
  5. The Harp Without the Crown
  6. The Nightingale
  7. Rosemary Lane
  8. Poor Old Horse
  9. Lovely Ann
  10. Row, Bullies, Row
  11. Yellow Meal
  12. Lord Bateman
  13. The Girls of Valparaiso
  14. The Lily of the West
  15. Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her

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