Keep On Fishin’: Jon Campbell

Introducing longtime Rhode Island favorite, Jon Campbell, and his “reverent and irreverent look at New England coastal life, fishermen, yachtsmen, cuisine, crafty Yankees and love songs to boats.

Jon Campbell – vocals, bouzouki, whistle, guitar
Everett Brown – accordeon, violin, mandolin, vocals
Joe Houlihan – vocals, guitar

CD ONLY – $17.50
includes Shipping & Handling

Track List:

  1. Keep On Fishin’
  2. The Mary
  3. How Bars Used To Be
  4. Frederick’s of Galilee
  5. One Clam Cake
  6. Last of the Eastern Rigs
  7. Mahogany Shoals
  8. This Boat
  9. The Palatine
  10. The Prettiest Girl in New York
  11. Restless Waters
  12. Carrying My Oar
  13. Eldred’s One Gun Batt’ry
  14. Reincarnation
  15. Tanqueray Martini-O
  16. Quonset Hut
  17. Piracy
  18. O’Ryan’s
  19. Foxwoods Polka
  20. Providence Waltz

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